金山 正則 (Masanori Kanayama)





 一方、カテキンの油溶化による安定化には成功いたしましたが、長年の課題であった水性溶剤に溶解して液体状態でカテキンを長期保存かつ長期安定性に優れたものにすることを油溶化技術とは全く違う観点で、(株)HPGにおいて研究開発に取り組んでまいりました。                                             もともとカテキン類を含むポリフェノール類は、水中に溶存する酸素や空気中の酸素や光により容易に酸化されるため非常に不安定であり、さらに水性溶剤に溶解した際には、期待される活性酸素除去作用等の有用な作用が低下するほか、酸化に伴って変色する等、その保存安定性に問題がありました。




Answering issues with "ideas that go beyond pre-existing concepts" 

HPG Co., Ltd.


Masanori Kanayama

 We succeeded in physically dissolving the water-soluble amount "catechin" of tea, which was considered difficult with pre-existing concepts, more than 20 years ago, and obtained an international patent. Since then, we have expanded the scope of application of oil-soluble catechin to cosmetics and foods, and have continued to provide safe, secure and antioxidant raw materials and products that do not use chemical ingredients, and have contributed to society.

 Originally, I have been active as a planning and production producer of TV and commercials, but while responding to requests for regional revitalization from local governments all over Japan, I sometimes met Japanese tea (Ureshino tea) at the request of Kyushu Saga Prefecture, and I became interested in the efficacy and effects of green tea, and I learned that stabilizing the water-soluble active ingredient "catechin" was very difficult while I started researching tea by myself.

 In order to stabilize the catechins, we succeeded in oil melting and stabilizing the water-soluble active ingredient "catechin" contained in green tea for the first time in the world with the cooperation of university institutions, etc., and obtained an international patent (W001/95865A1).

Currently, we supply new raw materials to many cosmetics and food manufacturers, develop safe and secure products specialized in plant properties, OEM manufacture brand products of domestic and overseas manufacturers and dealers, and expand our business widely.

 On the other hand, we have succeeded in stabilizing catechins by oil melting, but we have been engaged in research and development at HPG Co., Ltd. from a viewpoint completely different from oil melting technology to dissolve in aqueous solvents that have been a long-standing problem and make catechins long-term storage and long-term stability excellent in a liquid state.

Originally, polyphenols containing catechins are very unstable because they are easily oxidized by oxygen dissolved in water, oxygen in the air and light, and when dissolved in an aqueous solvent, useful effects such as expected reactive oxygen removal action are reduced, and there are problems with their storage stability, such as discoloration with oxidation.

 In this way, HPG Co., Ltd. succeeded in developing an aqueous solution composition containing catechins with excellent storage stability with ideas that go beyond pre already concept such as "catechin, which is an active ingredient in water-soluble, does not dissolve in oil" and "even if catechins are dissolved in water", and "oxidation deterioration is fast even if catechins are dissolved in water", HPG Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing aqueous solution composition containing catechins with excellent storage stability(Patent application started in August 2021), and HPG Co., Ltd. has various high performance in all possible applications. we hope to be able to respond to such issues.

 HPG Co., Ltd. wants to be a company that challenges without being bound by common sense while looking at "people, the earth, and the environment", and always delivers products and services of stable quality to everyone with "safety, security, and joy" with new technologies.