HPG's Vision for the Near Future







New lifestyles have been highlighted around the world due to coronal ravages, but just because the corona problem has come to an end, there are many issues such as environmental problems (global warming), resource and energy problems, and responses to a super-aging society in the world.   In recent years, the movement to design cities that fundamentally change the way society should be by developing data infrastructures that can be used in various businesses and services in cities by utilizing advanced technologies such as AI and big data has been rapidly progressing internationally. In light of this situation, 31 local governments nationwide have raised their name in the public offering of supercity-type national strategic special zones that the government has recruited, as it is necessary to realize a super city concept that aims to be a "whole future city" that will advance future life ahead of the rest of the world through bold regulatory reforms and other measures.   Our "Super City" concept, which combines advanced technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and autonomous driving, is a pillar of the near-future vision, and we are considering the near future concept centered on how dx (digital transformation) in cities will change people's lives, and issues that are piling up, especially issues such as environmental problems and responses to a super-aging society.