HPG's Vision for the Near Future

構想のポイント① Point of the concept



Structure in which a vehicle of transportation is integrated into a house

構想のポイント② Point of the concept



Vehicle transportation and housing structure that enables joint use from the living rooms of each dedicated part of apartments, etc.

構想のポイント③ Point of the concept

AI(人工知能)・ビッグデータ等のあらゆる先端技術を駆使し、スマートフォン等一つで運転可能、ハンドル ・アクセル ・ブレーキ 等が不要な全自動の車両構造


Fully automatic vehicle structure that makes full use of all advanced technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and big data, can be operated with a smartphone, etc., and does not require steering wheel, accelerator, brake, etc.

構想のポイント④ Point of the concept




A double-structured town building that makes up the city on the current road. On the road, we will make full use of advanced technology to develop advanced infrastructure and create an unnecessary automobile driving environment such as signals.

構想のポイント⑤ Point of the concept





You can move from home to the hospital while sleeping.

No need for a caregiver.


Hospital consultation without waiting time by a consistent system from automatic reception to consultation and drug arrangements.